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GENERAL CANCER was created to re-examine the whole process of being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer by asking new or never-asked questions. A very valuable site for any breast cancer patient! Lynne Farrow, one of my colleagues, who co-authors this site, is a very knowledgeable person!

AnnieAppleSeedProject has an enormous amount of information on cancer treatments. Ann Fonfa, the founder of this site, is very dedicated to be up-to-date on whatever exciting therapies are out there in the world!

Cedar Springs Renewal Center is a non-profit center providing programs for healing and wellness offering participants a spiritual and physical renewing experience, bringing together exercise, juicing for health and raw food organic cleansing on 50 idyllic acres in the beautiful Cascade foothills of Washington State.

Commonweal in Bolinas California was the first major cancer retreat program providing counseling, spiritual support, gentle massage, yoga and other activities for the cancer patient. Commonweal was featured by Bill Moyers in the series called "Healing and The Mind". I highly recommend cancer patients attend one of their retreats. I did and it made a huge difference in my life.

Harmony Hill in Union, WA, Harmony Hill is situated on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, on 12 acres of the spectacular South Shore of Hood Canal and also offers cancer retreat programs. Their program was modeled after Commonweal's program and at this time they are funded enough to offer limited FREE cancer retreats to cancer patients.

On the East Coast Smith Farm in Washington, D.C. runs very successful cancer retreat programs. Their cancer retreats are also modeled after the Commonweal program.

CancerMonthly. An excellent resource to find the latest conventional treatments for your cancer as well as clinical trials you could benefit from. Be sure to read their CANCERWIRE publications of cancer patients who were treated UNconventionally.

Alternative Medicine Resources is sponsored by the Center for Health Promotion Research and Development at the UT-Houston School of Public Health, and collaborate with UT-M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, with other institutions in the Texas Medical Center and across the nation.

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Complementary/Integrative Medicine Education Resources provides information about CAM therapies for cancer and updated information about drug interactions and alerts regarding CAM therapies.

The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine (NFAM) establishes international collaborations to identify complementary and alternative medical treatments for cancer and other degenerative diseases, scientifically evaluates the effectiveness of these treatments and provides life-saving information and resources to the public.

Steve Dunn's Cancer Guide "When you need the right questions."

Mesothelioma Cancer Advice: Advice on mesothelioma, asbestos induced cancer, lawsuits, mesothelioma law firms, attorneys and treatment.

The Mesothelioma Information and Resource Group provides comprehensive information to victims of mesothelioma and their families.

Mesothelioma offers asbestos and mesothelioma news including daily updated information on clinical trials.

Asbestos News -Informational site reviewing the hazards of asbestos exposure and the various forms of cancer such as mesothelioma it causes. Resources for contacting a lawyer specializing in asbestos exposure are available.

Eye Cancer Network is dedicated to providing information about the diagnosis and treatment of ocular tumors, eye cancer, and orbital diseases for patients, their families and health care professionals.

International Health News web page was designed to provide you with the information you need to take effective responsibility for your own health and well-being.

Information on Breast Thermography

New York University Cancer Institute -The mission of the NYU Cancer Institute is to decrease and eliminate cancer as a significant health problem throughout New York, the nation, and the world, by developing and maintaining excellent programs in patient care, research, education and prevention.

ECaP, a not-for-profit organization, provides individuals, families and health professionals with quality programs, information and materials that focus on the individual to enhance their overall health and well-being. ECaP provides emotional support,education and hope to people living with cancer, AIDS, and other life-challenging illnesses.

Medicine Online -- cancer related educational material, discussion groups, and links to other cancer sites; oncology regimens and news; and information libraries on colon cancer, lung cancer, and leukemias.

Health Resource A complete health resources directory on the web


Natural Health Science News examines information from reliable news, medical and health organizations to provide you with a daily compilation of articles on Natural Health and Science topics. The site also features editorials, advocacy issues and audio interviews from leaders in this field. All of these articles are searchable in the Archives pages for your convenience.


Life Extension is a global authority on nutrition, health and wellness. They supply only the highest quality nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs and hormones.

NutraSanus Natural Health, Nutrition and Alternative Medicine Guide offering educational, evidence-based information for health conscious consumers.

Healing Choices Your Guide to Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Author of the book, Healing Choices, offers information on holistic & natural medicine as well as modalities, finding practitioners, stress management, cancer resources, and more! The book is also offered in hard copy & e-book formats.  


RxList is a searchable database of prescription and over-the-counter drug information and interactions and some oncology drugs.

Online Canadian Prescription Drugs
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There are a number of books that can help clarify the mysterious world of cancer therapy. These have proven most useful for lay persons:

Alternative Medicine by The Burton Goldberg Group (Future Medicine Publishers in Puyallup, WA.)
Definitive Guide to CANCER, W. John Diamond, M.D. and W. Lee Cowden, M.D. with Burton Goldberg

Cancer and Natural Medicine by John Boik (Oregon Medical Press)
Cancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment & Prevention by Ralph Moss (Equinox Press in New York).
Choices in Healing by Michael Learner (MIT Press) describes the integrating the best of conventional and complementary approaches to cancer.
Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy by Dollinger, Rosenbaum, and Cable (Somerville House Books) describes how cancer is diagnosed, treated and managed day to day.
Nutritional Influences on Illness by Dr. Melvyn Werbach (Keats).
Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book by Richard Walters (Avery Press) is for people who want to make informed decisions about alternative cancer treatments.
Optimal Wellness by Ralph Golan, M.D. (Bantam Books)
Share the Care: How to Organize a Group to Care for Someone Who is Seriously Ill, by Cappy Capossela and Sheila Warnock (Fireside Book by Simon & Schuster).
Third Opinion by John M. Fink (Avery) is an international directory to alternative therapy centers for the treatment and prevention of cancer and other degenerative diseases.
Spontaneous Healing by Andrew Weil (Knopf) is filled with good common sense and useful insights.
The Carnitine Miracle, The Supernutrient Program that Promotes High Energy, Fat Burning, Heart Health, Brain Wellness, and Longevity, by Robert Crayhon, M.S. (M. Evans and Co., NY, NY)
The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients The Townsend Letter is an important cutting-edge informational resource written by doctors and patients. This magazine is for doctors and patients interested in the inside news about alternative and unconventional medicine.
I Beat Cancer: 50 People Tell You How They Did It by Awareness Publishing

Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers: A Patient's Guide by Paul Kraus, Publ by Cancer Monthly, LLC.
The Complete Cancer Cleanse by Cherie Calbom, MS "The Juice Lady" with John Calbom, MA and Michael Mahaffey, PC. How to Prevent and Treat Cancer With Natural Medicines Michael Murray and Paul Reilly from Bastyr University.
The Gerson Therapy, The Amazing Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, D.P.M.
Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin, PhD, Nutrition Times Press, Tulsa, OK, 2001. Dr. Quillin has worked with cancer patients for many years and used to consult to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, OK.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way
For women who want to maintain breast health and for women diagnosed with breast cancer. This site is designed with the purpose of empowering women in their health care choices.

Dr. Andrew Weil has several healing CDs worth listening to:Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing (The Self Healing Series) by Andrew Weil, MD (Audio CD)

Self-Healing With Guided Imagery: How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Heal Your Body by Andrew Weil, MD, and Martin L. Rossman, MD (Audio CD)

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